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Matt Higgins began his professional career at the age of 21 as a Police Officer in the State of Oregon. Leaving law enforcement in 2018, he moved into private security sector as an Executive Protection Agent with Gavin DeBecker and Associates, and was assigned to a well-known Bay Area Tech CEO and his family. Responsible for one-on-one protection, executive travel, residential security, and event planning in San Francisco, Lanai, and throughout Southern California, Matt quickly progressed to Executive Protection Team Lead.

Matt joined Foresight Security Consulting in 2021 as Protective Services Manager, responsible for designing and managing national and international executive protection assignments.

Leveraging his vast experience, Matt oversees all Foresight EP agents and a global network of trusted service providers. He works directly with our clients in physical security, threat management, technical security, and provides regular consultation to maintain physical and psychological safety.

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