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Foresight helps clients develop effective and sustainable strategies to prevent and manage threats to people, infrastructure, assets, and brand.  We leverage subject matter expertise, smart tools, and a global professional network to deliver the highest level of service, every time. 


Compromise or breaches of the physical locations home to your most valued assets can result in potentially expensive, embarrassing, and tragic losses.  We help you mitigate these risks through expert, assessment-driven planning and layered strategies that elevate your physical security posture.  Our physical security services include:


  • Organizational Risk and Site Vulnerability Assessments

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 

  • Event Security Operations Development and Management

  • Executive / Close Protection


Navigating complex, hard-to-define security issues is our specialty.  We conduct thorough assessments and leverage our diverse capabilities to ensure discrete and effective solutions.  Unique situations may include:

  • Insider Threats

  • Stalking and/or Domestic Violence Cases

  • High Profile Legal Proceedings

  • Labor Disputes

  • Issue-driven Targeting (political threats and violence, social unrest, consumer grievance)


Accurate and timely information is essential, and represents the most effective way to help answer difficult questions related to effective employee screening, threat management, and high-risk terminations.  Our approach helps clients reduce a variety of legal and operational security risk exposures.  Our intelligence and investigative services include:

  • Background Checks

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment

  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

  • Open-Source Investigation and Analysis

  • Cyber presence and Online Profile Management


Our customizable trainings prioritize a supportive atmosphere to enhance prevention efforts and improve participant responses to aggression and violence. We approach potentially sensitive topics reduces fear, boosts engagement, and empowers participants.  Our various trainings cover:

  • Situational awareness and general personal safety

  • Dealing with difficult clients and customers and de-escalating emotionally charged situations 

  • Recognition and reporting of risk factors associated with planned acts of violence

  • Principles of threat assessment and management (beginner to advanced options)

  • Responding effectively to active violence/active attacker situations.


Foresight provides embedded security managers for organizations requiring consistent, on-site subject matter expertise and leadership of their security programs and operations, Foresight's security managers align with client culture while consistently improving overall security through our holistic approach and commitment to excellence. Embedded security management includes:

  • Full-time or hourly retained personnel on monthly contract

  • Direct access to Foresight’s resources

  • Highly specialized personnel, recruited and managed by the Foresight Executive team

  • Security Program Project and vendor management

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