Security Program

Development & Management 

Foresight Security Consulting can provide the foundational expertise you need to develop and manage your security program while your staff focuses on their core business initiatives, and at the same time, helps build and foster an ongoing sense of safety and security throughout your business. 

Designed specifically for businesses that don't have a staffed "full-time" Security Manager, Foresight offers this service on a 12 month hourly contract.    

Behavioral Threat Assessment

Threat assessment is a systematic, fact-based method of investigation and examination that blends the collection and analysis of multiple sources of information with published research and practitioner experience, focusing on an individual’s patterns of thinking and behavior to determine whether, and to what extent, a person of concern is moving toward  the possibility of a violent attack.

Workplace Violence, high risk terminations, or threatening clients interactions. Foresight's Threat Assessment experts are ready to help you navigate these fragile and often scary situations. 

Site Security & Vulnerability Assessments

Physical Security is a key component of any good security program and provides the basis from which employee and infrastructure security and safety is built. Access control, fortified door hardware and locksets, and duress alarms in key locations are small but mighty shields that can assist in the overall protection of an organizations office, and employee spaces. These are just a very few of the security measures identified and recommended in Foresight’s assessments. Interviews with staff, and on and off hour walk-throughs and inspections will also provide excellent insights into an organizations capabilities and vulnerabilities.


Foresight’s Site Security and Vulnerability Assessments are conducted in three phases and will provide clients a full scope of security successes and shortcomings. Once the initial assessment is complete, a briefing to client identified stakeholders allows individual leaders to discuss and decide on how best to implement recommended upgrades.  


Bringing a dynamic approach to presenting and instructing what can be a sensitive topic, Foresight’s training programs can be tailored for your needs. The typical “basic” training session focuses on building a foundation of general safety and security practices, providing strategies in dealing with difficult clients and customers, the behaviors associated with a targeted act of violence, and key strategies to use during an active violence / active attacker situation. The presentation is very attendee accessible and uses open discussion and “What if?” exercises in a group setting. 


With an emphasis on current national best practices, and statistics from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, discussion during this presentation is open and inclusive for participants to leave feeling empowered should they ever need to respond in an emergency situation, or find themselves in a violent encounter.    


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